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## Emotional Instability PoC of an Abusive Malware Botherder ##

It come to our attention all of the sudden a suspected botherder was tweeting some "threatening" tweets..
Strongly showing symptoms of (self and) weak person's abusive behavior..

## Forging Personality Symtoms PoC ##

In a public channel this conversation was recorded. and he confessed a usage of a certain type of malware used for a botnet discussed..
We watched as the subject is making "dialogue" with others
Showing ab extra-hard effort to make impression of lame "educated image" which is obviously taking his energy too much..
The below profile report of his twitter, we logged this just in case he'll delete it (as net crook always does after exposed).
This is the PoC of the REAL characteristic of this pshyco-analysed skido botnet herder of GayFgt & Kaiten (as per self-confessed).

## A PoC of VIOLENT ATTEMPT conducted by botherder ##

Obviously the botherder doesn't like his bots being exposed, and made abusing act to expose the privacy of the victim,
a good person who was reporting every malware infection that the botherder used to infect servers, some are hitting USA:

1. https://twitter.com/MalwareMustDie/status/646960405408022528
2. https://twitter.com/MalwareMustDie/status/647074552913096704
3. https://twitter.com/MalwareMustDie/status/646601684165091328
Below is the log in IRC on how botherders and his "gangs" busted in and making a "dox drama" about the case,
which can be used as abuse evidence, contains some internet connectivity data: (ping us for full long)

[TheAntichrist] Hello
[TheAntichrist] Fucking Anyone?
[justaguy] Do you have any patience?
[justaguy] :)
[TheAntichrist] So, Who are you "JustaGuy"?
[justaguy] i'm justaguy
* Mr2Fast (~Mr2Fast@dslb-084-058-201-060.084.058.pools.vodafone-ip.de) has joined
* Tragedy (~Tragedy@85.sub-97-34-128.myvzw.com) has joined
[Mr2Fast] gargle my rectum
[TheAntichrist] Why did you randomly follow me on twitter and later unfollow me?
[Mr2Fast] I'm here to learn a little something about ddos hacking
[Mr2Fast] any1?
[justaguy] TheAntichrist: Idk, you favorited some shit of a tweet i was mentioned in
[justaguy] I'm suprised that you care about who follows you btw
[TheAntichrist] So, I have a question for all of you
[justaguy] ask it
[TheAntichrist] Why are you guys such a bunch of idiots that you target botnets?
* DarkMatter (~barndog24@76-227-150-46.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) has joined
[DarkMatter] Curiosity killed the cat
[Mr2Fast] My precious ddos was comprimised
[DarkMatter] just saying
[Mr2Fast] :(
[DarkMatter] so you like botnets huh
[DarkMatter] ?
[justaguy] And, why do you join, and then the person with exactly the same ip as the one that tried to do a password reset on my domain? :)
[justaguy] I like this :)
[Mr2Fast] oh shit
[Mr2Fast] only spookie hackers use PIA
[justaguy] Tragedy: pls
[DarkMatter] so your admitting you're scared is that it
[justaguy] Scared? no, it just raised eyebrows that someone requested a password reset
[DarkMatter] Well you raised my eyebrows
[DarkMatter] when you requested a box be down
[DarkMatter] skid
[Mr2Fast] i need to turn my email notifications on, thanks for the reminder
[DarkMatter] So you think your some kind of internet white knight or something
[DarkMatter] some kinda hacker?
[DarkMatter] fbi informant etc
[DarkMatter] You aint shit kid
[DarkMatter] twitter this twitter that
[justaguy] Well, don't use telnet to spread your botnet then :)
[DarkMatter] it wasnt using telnet
[DarkMatter] lmfao
[DarkMatter] they were scanning on it
* Mr2Fast gives DarkMatter a clout round the head with a fresh copy of WeeChat
* Tragedy slaps Tragedy around a bit with a large trout
[DarkMatter] I got ur weechat
[DarkMatter] right fuckin here
* Mr2Fast slaps Tragedy a few times
[justaguy] I don't even get why you make such a drama.
[DarkMatter] ?
[DarkMatter] Lawl ur gonna send the fbi after me
[DarkMatter] lmflfmalfmalfmlamflma
[Mr2Fast] u seem to be missing some 'o's there
[DarkMatter] i dont even get why you make such a drama
[DarkMatter] well... its work isnt it
[DarkMatter] so thats why
[DarkMatter] ignoramous
[DarkMatter] your just a time waster
[DarkMatter] thats all
* Guest7679 (~Tragedy@196.sub-97-41-192.myvzw.com) has joined
* Tragedy has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[Guest7679] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[Guest7679] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[DarkMatter] IP Address Country Region City Postal Code Area Code
[DarkMatter] xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[DarkMatter] [9:09:27 AM] TcpSolid #FedNation #Owned: xxxxxxxxx
[DarkMatter] [9:10:22 AM] TcpSolid #FedNation #Owned: xxxxxxxxx
[DarkMatter] IP Address Country Region City Postal Code Area Code
[DarkMatter] xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[DarkMatter] xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[DarkMatter] [9:10:22 AM] TcpSolid #FedNation #Owned: xxxxxxxx
[DarkMatter] [9:10:42 AM] TcpSolid #FedNation #Owned: xxxxxxxx
* Guest7679 hei?t jetzt Tragedy
[DarkMatter] [9:11:08 AM] TcpSolid #FedNation #Owned: xxxxxxxx
[DarkMatter] xxxxxxxxx
[Tragedy] Dropped!!
[DarkMatter] Dropped on thy forehead
[wirehack7] why is here so much drama?
[DarkMatter] Your Static bub
[TheAntichrist] That moment when you see that MalwareMustDie Blocked you on twitter
[DarkMatter] That moment when you notice Malware Must Die Is trying to report you to the fbi but your in the fbi kekekekekekekeke
[TheAntichrist] #FedNation
[DarkMatter] #FedNAtion
[justaguy] DarkMatter: waw.
[DarkMatter] love u
[justaguy] <3
[DarkMatter] <<<
[justaguy] now fuck off, thx
[DarkMatter] you mad?
[justaguy] no.
[DarkMatter] seems like it ... one word answers no sentences or sentence structure
[DarkMatter] no paragraphs for me to read:?

What do you think. folks? The crooks was just making Cyber Bully act here :-| And he tried to fake his real personality..
See the twitter profile below to see what kind of person he really is:

## The Profile Shows..##

Twitter ID 3379574631
Username C20F8E52
Full Name The Antichrist
Description Making 3 letter agencies cry
Location Hell
URL Not provided by the user
Tweets 501
Followers 297
Following 54
Favorited 69 tweets
Listed in 1 list
Account Age 0 years, 2 months and 9 days
Language NL / Dutch
Is Verified? No
Is Protected? No
Time Zone Pacific Time (US & Canada)
UTC Offset UTC-7h
Geotagging Disabled
Is Translator? No
Contributors Disabled

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