Tango Down

This page is the regularly updated report of Operation "Tango Down" results, which is sorted by date of release (click the front number for details)
[1] Deactivation of severe .RU malware infector domains (collaboration w/CERT-GIB)
[2] The shutdown of 140+ Malware Domains served by Malicious (Evil) DNS
[3] Suspension of 22 domains used by Sweet Orange EK crime group 
[4] Suspension of 240+ .BIZ domains used by Sofos/Stamp EK crime group
[5] Suspension of 61 Blackhole "closest" Domains in Russian IP(
[6] The shutdown of Cridex .RU:8080 / NAUNET.RU based Credential Stealer Group (confidential)
[7] Suspension of 97 .RU domains used by Kelihos gang to spread payloads via RedKit. (collaboration w/CERT-GIB)
[8] Tango Down of 13 .COM NS domains and 200+ .RU domains of Kelihos
[9] Tango Down of 44 + 19 + 75 CryptoLocker CnC Domains 
[10] Tango Down of 2,989 (allowed to release: 311) Malicious domains Related to Kelihos Reseller

There are many takedown projects and bulk of domains taken down as result, we can not record each one anymore. I am sorry this page's information is not updated to the recent events, please see the blog posts archive for the recent recorded ones..